About This Blog


Do you find yourself drawn to spiritual information these days? Perhaps it’s an irresistible pull that finds you fascinated by what you’re discovering. Maybe it’s introducing different ways to manage your life at this time of great change on Earth.

It was the same for me starting about 12 years ago. Throughout that time, and to this day, I notice that whatever information I need, to help clarify the way ahead, seems to appear for me in perfect timing. I’ve come to think of it as my knowledge portal.

I know that we can be helpful to each other by sharing our knowledge and gifts. And, I have shared what I have learned with friends and family when asked or drawn to do so. However, it is only now that I’m inspired to share it more widely with those who choose it.

So, this blog is an invitation for you to consider viewing your life experience through a different lens. You will find here the spiritual perspectives and experiences that have inspired and influenced my own perceptions about living my life so far. They have enriched my on-going desire to be all I can be in this lifetime.

I know that the answers we seek on our life path are really found within ourselves. It is from this place that we find our innate power to create our own reality, especially now at this time of a shift in human consciousness. It is time now to claim that power and use it with love for the greater good of all and our Earth.

May you enjoy what is offered here and take from it whatever speaks to you.

Namaste (the Spirit within me salutes the Spirit within you),