Have you ever thought of experiencing yourself as more than your physical body? What I mean is – have you ever considered if there is more than what you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch? Todays’ post is inviting you to do just that.

Why Consider the Invisible?
In my spiritual readings, especially in recent years, I’ve noted the idea that we are much more than our physical body. Put in another way, I have heard the phrase from James Van Praagh for example – we are not humans having a spiritual experience, but spirits having a human experience. Steve Rother has mentioned that about 93% of our communication is non-verbal, mostly energetic. I find this an interesting perspective to explore. If we accept it, we are missing out on a whole lot by not investigating the 93%. So, what is the 93%?

Energy, Vibration and Frequency
I think the 93% is about energy, vibration and frequency. And, this is one of THE most important things to understand, to claim your power within. This is a big topic and the underpinning of so much more. But, for this post, I will start here.

I have learned that everything is energy, with a vibration and a frequency. This includes everything – us, plants, animals, the atmosphere around us, the food we eat, the Earth, etc. etc. Some have called it an “energetic soup”. We innately know this and pick up on it. For example, why is it that when you have a sense someone is looking at you and when you look up, you find this is so? Ever feel uncomfortable when someone is standing too close to you? How about suddenly feeling chills or goosebumps for no apparent reason? Or what about seeing a flash of something out of the corner of your eye? Often we can discount these experiences or brush them off.

But what is this? I think this is the 93% in action! If we brush it off, we’re missing a lot of the action! We’re missing the big part of us that contains so much of our personal power – our insights, our unique gifts, our intuition, the very essence of us – consciousness. This is important information!

Getting in Touch with Your Energy, Vibration and Frequency
You may say it’s all well and good that I have all of this invisible information, but how do I get at it? Well, I think a good first step is to get to know your own energy, what it feels like. When you know this you can better manage your well-being no matter the circumstances. This can be very helpful. For example, when I was young, I would faint in church. Every Sunday they would carry me out to the fresh air. How embarrassing! My parents were concerned and sought out medical advice and treatment. I learned only much later in life that this experience for me had a lot to do with picking up the energies of others in church. As an adult, I have learned how to better manage this – to know if what I’m feeling belongs to me or someone/something else.

How to Get to Know Your Own Energy- Some Suggestions
There are probably many ways to start to become familiar with your own energy. One way I have used doesn’t take a lot of time but does require some quiet time to focus. I just sit quietly, relax my body, gently breathe as I usually do, eyes closed and just be for about 10 minutes. I notice how I feel, the sensations in my body, in the air around me. If thoughts come and go, that’s ok. I just be. I make time for this every day.

I adopted another practice that was helpful. Before I left the house, I would pause for a moment and focus on my energy. What does it feel like? Then, when I returned home, I would focus on my energy again and see how it compared to when I left. I could tell then the impact of my outing on my energetic body. Was there was anything I needed to do about it, like take time to chill or get going on a project?

I have found that coming to know my own energy has helped me to set my boundaries, to better hear my own guidance and that of others, seen and unseen. It provides more balance day-to-day and more peaceful moments too.

I think there’s a lot of our power in this invisible stuff. Being aware of it provides us with a bigger picture. It’s all energy, vibration and frequency. Be aware of it around you. Get to know your own energy signature. Go easy, have fun with it. Bye for now.

Be Love,