Here’s a little boy and he speaks differently. It sounds like a foreign language. He wants to tell us something but we don’t understand. “I know” said the little girl. I don’t understand what he’s saying but I feel good as he says it. “What do you mean?” says her friend. “I feel happy inside when he speaks”.

“Hey little boy. What are you saying?” The little boy stopped speaking the funny language and looked at them. “ I don’t know what it means, he says, but I just feel like I must say it. Did you understand anything?” he asks. “No we didn’t” said the little girl “but we feel good and happy when you speak it. You must continue and say it whenever you see someone that seems to be sad because it will make them feel so much better”. “But I’m afraid they’ll laugh at me” said the boy. “They won’t have the chance” said the girl, because they will just feel happy. You must trust this. We will go with you if you like when you talk to them. “Thank you, I would like that” said the boy.

The next day the little group went to the park where there were many children playing. The little group had become friends and were excited to see the reaction of the others in the park when the little boy spoke to them. “Hello” said the little girl to a few of them. “This is my friend and he wants to tell you something”. “We don’t know him” said one. “Why would we want to hear what he has to say?” “It’s very special, you’ll see”. “Ok go ahead” they said.

The boy was feeling a bit nervous about all of this but pressed ahead, buoyed by the support of his new friends. He began to speak over the talking of some of the others. Immediately they stopped to listen. They had question marks on their faces when he began. Then all of them began to smile, broad, wide grins. When the boy stopped they all clapped and said Hurray!!! “I think we should all have a sing song” one of them said. And so they did. They joined hands and sang as they danced in a circle all laughing, so joyful. Finally they collapsed all together on the ground laughing so hard some had tears running down their cheeks. “Thank you little boy, that was fun!” they said. “You’re welcome, it was wasn’t it” said the boy.

The little boy felt so good he had come to the park and shared his special language with the others. It made him feel so good and happy inside.