I was reminded of these words from Franco when I revisited his videos this week. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, check out his videos entitled Advancing Consciousness Series. There are over 90 of them on YouTube.

Although Franco passed from Earth last year, after over 30 years of healing and educational services to humanity, his guidance is still relevant today, more than ever it seems to me. He has always offered a big picture perspective about life experience on Earth, one that is grounded, neutral and enlightening.

Franco reminds that our soul, connected to our heart, seeks out certain life experiences to help evolve our consciousness and that this experience on Earth is but one of many we experience at any point of time. We are master creators.

So when things feel too much sometimes why not consciously focus on what we would prefer? Imagine it, feel it, what would it be like to have or be that? Put it out there, without expectation of how it will appear in your life, and see what happens.

Let’s have confidence in our innate abilities. Lighten up, chill out, energy flows where focus goes. What can you create today? As Franco would often say – go out and play on this playground of Earth that you have agreed to experience. You are never alone and you are more powerful than you think.