Once upon a time there was a man who lived in the forest alone with himself and the trees.  He had many tree friends of all shapes and sizes. They all spoke telling him some amazing things, beyond belief he thought. Sometimes he thought he must be going crazy, but no, they assured him he was seeing and hearing correctly in truth. 

One day a large Grandfather Pine tree was crying. He was very sad. This concerned the man a great deal and he wanted to help the tree feel better. “Please have no worries about me” said Grandfather Pine. “It is my natural state this cycle of dropping my needles. It seems to be accompanied by tears for what has been lost and what is yet to come. I know that all is well and I will continue for another day even though when the needles are dropping I have moments of doubt that it will be so. But, I have learned that indeed it will be, and all is and will be well”.

“That is so beautiful” said the man. “I don’t feel concerned about you any more and you have given me hope that when things are not going well for me that all is and will be well. Thank you Grandfather Pine”.