Since I was young, I have had a connection to Jeshua, also known as Jesus. I learned about him in Catholic school. I was raised Catholic and stopped going to church in my teens when it no longer appealed to me. As I have explored spirituality and metaphysics, the connection to Jeshua has remained. Today I understand what I have been tapping into is a consciousness – an energy – rather than a physical person.

And so, it was not surprising, although unexpected, that this channeled message arrived March 18, 2021. It came through in written light language first, then the words. It seems to me the message is one of love and unity and the God inside each of us:

They came and the road was dusty. They were parched but they came anyway to be near him. It was as though they were drawn by his vibration even though they couldn’t see him yet. More and more. It was windy and dusty, so dry, so hot but still they came. Stand by me the woman said to the girl. We will be able to see him from here. I’m so thirsty the girl said. I’m sorry dear one it won’t be long now. Why are we here asked the girl. To see the one who speaks of a Divine Kingdom. He was dressed in white, so clean and vibrant. The woman in blue was there beside him. Who is she? She accompanies him often.

You must love your neighbour he said, for he is you. You both are sons of God loved equally. Love begets love even with your enemies because they are you. The Kingdom of Heaven is here before you with your bretheren. When you are here God is with you, he is always with you. Go home and feed your children with the love of God in your hearts and minds.