In one of my previous posts (Choosing Awareness of the Invisible – May 2018) I talked about the importance of getting to know your own energy. For some time now, I have experienced the need to go beyond that to managing my own energy. Why? Because my body is asking for it. This is not surprising when we consider that the vibration and frequency of energy in and around the Earth continues to rise. Also more and more changes are being reflected back to us by the events unfolding all around us now. I sense more of us are being challenged at this time to manage our own energy.

It is especially important now to have a regular practice to keep us centered and calm. And, it is important, more than ever, to carve out quiet space for ourselves to just be rather than do. I understand that this can be especially challenging now for some who may be working from home with children, for example. However, I’ve noticed even though our movements are restricted now, we can still find ourselves seeking different ways to do, do, do, eg. more screen time, more projects, etc.

So, I would like to begin to share with you some practices I have found helpful in keeping me centered and calm. One of the basics is “grounding”. I have learned that most of my life I have been energetically out of my body. I didn’t know I was until someone told me about the practice of grounding. This is what I do:

I imagine the white light of God’s love flowing down through my body – starting above my head all the way down through the head, torso, arms, legs, feet – down through the rocks and soil of the Earth, until I get to the centre of the Earth. I can tell I’m there when the bright white light that has been travelling downwards illuminates the brilliant crystal at the centre of the Earth.

After doing this practice I notice my body feels calmer, my energy not as scattered, I’m brought back to a more comfortable present moment. And it only takes a moment of focus. I shared this practice last week with a young woman who appeared at my door canvasing for a charity. I noticed she was in distress. She apologized and told me she was having a panic attack. As she stood a distance from me on the porch, we went through the grounding practice together and she found it very helpful. She also accepted my offer of some Bach Flower Essence lozenges called Rescue Remedy (a staple in my energy tool box) which also helped her.

If this information resonates with you, give it a try. It may help you feel more calm and centered when you need it in these uncertain times.

Be Love,