Can you hear your own voice among all those vying for your attention these days? So many opinions, different perspectives, many telling what we should or should not be doing and thinking. It can be difficult to resist looking, especially when we are curious about what’s happening in the world like I am. Or maybe we’re looking for something that will make us feel better in the moment. And before you know it, an hour or more has gone by and you may be feeling different than when you started the scrolling through Facebook or YouTube. 

I have found it can be addictive if I don’t nip it in the bud, meaning being mindful at the outset. I ask is this something that I want to engage with, to put my energy into? I have learned that whatever we engage with will change our vibration, our energy field. We could end up feeling better or not, have more confusion rather than clarity, more questions than answers.

There’s nothing wrong with this when we’re mindful of it. I have noticed though that too much interaction with the opinions of others gets me thinking of that rather than my own opinions, my own perspective. So more and more these days I’m turning away from social media, mainstream and otherwise. I’m finding when I do and get quiet I can more easily hear my own voice, my own guidance. 

How about you? Want to try it? I’ve recorded a light language transmission to assist with this. You can find it on this website under the Light Language section.