I haven’t posted for awhile since I have been recuperating from surgery. This has been a new experience for me since I’ve been blessed with good health during my life. The physical healing is progressing well. Now it’s time to turn my attention back to this blog and share what I’ve learned so far from this experience.

I noticed my “spiritual/intuitive antenna” while still there, was a bit muted during this time. I can now understand how that can be when you’re in pain and fear about illness. One of the practices I used during this time and now ongoing is the practice of neutrality. This means not thinking my experience is good or bad but that it just is. I realized this meant acceptance of it. I noticed this approach put the brakes on going down the rabbit hole of worst case scenarios with all the accompanying negative emotions. It wasn’t easy and took conscious intent. However, when I did it I noticed more calmness physically, emotionally and mentally.

As I become physically well again, I can step back and take a more”bird’s eye view”of this experience. There is so much polarity and divisiveness now to see and hear wherever we turn. I ask – can I be neutral about it ALL? Can I have no judgement about what I’m observing in the world now? Can you? Can we go beyond our conditioning, our opinions, our need to be right, to defend our positions? Can we accept it ALL, the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between? I can see that resistance to this can arise  because of what we’ve been told by others, what we have bought into. The question now is – does it serve us at this time? Does it serve each of us personally and collectively?

I’ve come to realize that Earth is a space of duality and polarity. It just is. I sense this will not disappear, so what to do? We can still have our opinions, without judgement, that they’re better or worse than others. We can still take the actions we’re guided to take. In addition, we can choose to go beyond duality and embrace it all. My learning is there is a sense of freedom in this way. It takes practice, catching myself as the emotions arise when I become aware of something of which I disagree. For me, it leads to more peace within amidst the chaos without. I’ve come to see it as a third way, beyond duality. Want to try it?


by Terry