Here is something different from previous posts as energy has been evolving for me as it likely has been for you. Channeled messages are now becoming more apparent. This is the first I would like to share with you.

Let go of resistance to remembering who you really are. You are not who you thought you were. You are more powerful, loving and compassionate than you have ever seen/felt yourself to be.

Do not be distracted by all in the external that shows you what you perceive to be the opposite. Perception is reality. Ask yourself – can I see this situation differently? What other ways can it be seen/felt? Surrender/allow your great gift of imagination to help you with this. Feel rather than think it – how does it feel when you imagine your reality this way or that way?

Allow the rose colored glasses. Why is this thought to be an unhelpful lens? It is a belief but in truth it is a tool for creating the world and life that you prefer. See where it takes you this energy that feels good when you wear these glasses. Tell the mind to come with you with this and ask the doubting ego to sit this one out.

You are creating the future, you are able to do this, you are that powerful. Allow the remembering of this. Trust your knowing that is telling you who you really are – a magnificent creator!