About Me

I am a relatively “late bloomer” on the spiritual path, having first been drawn to spiritual information just over a decade ago. From the beginning I was fascinated by the subject of human consciousness. At this time I was introduced to the work of Lee Carroll (Kryon), Geoffrey Hoppe (Crimson Circle) and Rik Thurston (Trance Channeling).

As my life experience accumulated (as a daughter, sister, auntie, student, friend, wife, stepmother-grandmother-friend, government employee, artist, caregiver, teacher, widow) so did my spiritual knowledge and self-practice.

Over the years, I have undertaken training in QiGong, Reiki, Sound Healing, Shamanic Practices, Crystal Healing, Trance/Channeling, Light Language and ICU (children reading blindfolded).

Today I am a light language speaker, a teacher, an artist, a student of astrology, numerology, the evolution of human consciousness and life. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.